The Benefits of Assisted Living for Elderly Residents

Nobody knows your loved one like you do. Making the difficult choice that they might require assistance beyond what you can offer is challenging. An assisted living facility is a good choice if you’re having trouble providing your parents and loved ones with the additional care they require.

Studies show that roughly 7 in 10 Americans over 65 will require long-term care. Millview at Latham and other assisted living facilities are ideal for senior citizens who appreciate their freedom yet require some additional personal support with everyday tasks. These ten advantages will help you and your loved one look forward to a beautiful new chapter even though moving to assisted living may feel frightening or overwhelming, especially if you are a caretaker.

Personal Attention

Facilities for assisted living put an emphasis on the experiences, particular health requirements, and personal preferences of each resident. The personnel in assisted living facilities get to know each resident, making them feel at home, figuring out what kind of help they require, and setting up the best conditions for that. This may involve giving medicine, monitoring mood and behavior, or providing care around the clock. Your loved one’s senior care will be provided in a comprehensive manner.

Support with Daily Tasks

Since many assisted living residents are autonomous, the breadth and intensity of help required vary from person to person. As they age, your loved one may require assistance with daily tasks, including cleaning the house, getting around, bathing, dressing, maintaining hygiene, and doing the laundry. Assisted living facilities can be helpful in this situation. The staff offers dignified, respectful support. Your loved one might require assistance with walking, assistance with memory loss, or respite care. There is an assisted living facility to accommodate your loved one’s needs, whether they require assistance frequently or only occasionally.

Safety and Security

Safety is one of your primary concerns as a caregiver for your loved one. When driving becomes hazardous, or you are concerned for their safety when cooking alone at home, it is time to start considering assisted living options. Millview at Latham and other similar communities foster a culture of safety that is evident in everything from their staff-to-patient ratio, adherence to policies, training, and skills to a community design that discourages falls, emergency preparedness plans, secure access, and more. Many rooms also have security systems that can call for emergency assistance and more attentive care and surveillance, especially for residents of memory care facilities.

Social Engagement and Activities

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that elderly Americans who maintain a busy social life might experience slower memory loss. Regular social interaction reduces depression and isolation while enhancing the quality of life. At Millview at Latham, there is never a dull moment. We provide many daily, weekly, and monthly activities to maintain the mind and body in good shape, similar to many assisted living facilities. Your loved one will participate in various social activities, including reading clubs, weekly socials, art therapy, and gardening—activities that enrich their lives, satisfy their wellness objectives, and foster enduring friendships with other residents and staff. Families are encouraged to take part in the many activities Millview provides and hope to see you there.

Medical Help

Your loved one may require additional nursing care as they age. Assisted living facilities provide top-notch healthcare services by utilizing an aging well approach that considers a person’s physical, emotional, and general well-being. The access to additional healthcare services for your loved one is already receiving allows for extensive, all-encompassing attention to their particular medical requirements. Millview at Latham also helps with medication management, case management and coordination of medical appointments.

A Relaxing Environment

The aim is to provide caring and compassionate care. The assisted living facility where your loved one calls home should have a familiar and inviting atmosphere. The best assisted living facilities offer access to common spaces, outdoor settings, and more while being cozy and relaxing. Even more, your loved one will have access to many of the same comforts and conveniences they would enjoy at home, such as a library, community gardens, a beauty salon, and more.

Enjoyment and Autonomy

Assisted living facilities provide high-end personal care, but your loved one is not required to use all of the offered services if they want not to. In assisted living, your loved one can live freely and have access to amenities and services that enhance their quality of life. Maybe your loved one is getting old and doesn’t want to maintain a big house. They may be aging and require further care in the future; should this be the case; they find comfort in many of the amenities offered in an assisted living home. As opposed to a nursing home or hospital setting, think of assisted living as a step up from a retirement community. Your loved one will be surrounded by a supportive, encouraging group while living freely with full physical and mental autonomy.

More Time to Spare

After moving into assisted living, your loved one won’t have to worry about things like housework or home maintenance. Snow shoveling, yard work, heavy cleaning, and cooking are all things of the past. As people get older, the hassle-free benefit of assisted living is excellent, especially if your loved one is struggling to accomplish these chores or has become a health concern. This opens up time to foster friendships and even try a new hobby or two!

Options for Meals and Nutrition

Meals in assisted living are specifically created to promote senior nutrition and health. Our talented chefs produce meals that are not only full of nutrients but also delicious and made with fresh, nutritious ingredients. Additionally, the dining experience is unrivaled. Residents at Millview at Latham have a say in where they sit, when they eat, and what they eat. The menu is packed with delectable choices that change daily for variety. Dinner is a social occasion (rather than a solo activity) for your loved one in our magnificent dining area because it encourages meals with friends.

Peace of Mind

The main advantage of assisted living is mental tranquility. Instead of worrying about someone you care about constantly, you can now enjoy the time you spend with them when you know they are secure, content, and safe. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one is receiving excellent care and is at home in a community where staff and other residents are attentive to their needs.

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