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Visitation Policy

It is the policy of Millview of Latham to provide our residents and their loved ones a safe environment where they can visit one another. Visitation is limited to two visitors at a time and visitors will be required to be screened at the main entrance by a staff member before they can go to the resident’s room and will be required to wear a mask at all times. Children under 16 are permitted to visit provided they are accompanied by an adult, pass the screen and can wear a mask and keep the mask on the entire visit. The screening form must be filled out in its entirety for each visitor and be signed off by a staff member.

If the visitor has a temperature over 100 degrees or has any sign or symptoms of COVID they will not be allowed in to visit at that time. Once the visitor has passed the screen by a staff member, they will be directed to the resident’s room where they must stay for the entire visit. Visitation cannot take place in the common areas around Millview or in the hallways at this time. Staff will periodically check in to make sure all visitors are complying with the mask requirement while visiting. If it is found that any visitor has to be spoken to regarding the masking requirement on more than one occasion, they will be asked to end their visit for the day.

Millview of Latham will have masks available at the desk where visitors are to do their screen, as well as having hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the community for use.

Millview of Latham will follow guidelines provided by the Department of Health and will change visitation policy as needed.

Updated 3/3/2022

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