Downsizing Tips for Moving Parents into Assisted Living

As your parents age, there may come a time when an Assisted Living Facility is right for them. A part of this transition will be the packing of their belongings, and the necessary downsizing of their things. Downsizing, however, can be an emotionally and physically challenging process for both you and your parents to take on. To make the process a bit easier, and less stressful, we have compiled a few of our best tips!

Start Planning As Soon As Possible

Downsizing, and moving in general, can require a significant amount of time. Start planning as soon as you can and create a timeline that keeps in mind your parents’ physical and emotional abilities for this process and gives them ample time to part with their items. It’s also important to include your parents in this process and have them as involved as possible in the decisions of what to keep.

Check In With The Assisted Living Facility

Before starting the decluttering and moving process, make sure that you have all the rules and regulations from their Assisted Living Facility about what items are permitted, and what are not. Some facilities may have unique restrictions, and coordinating with them will make the transition smoother, and will avoid any last-minute surprises.

Plan For Their New Floor Plan

Before starting to get rid of things, be sure that you all have a good understanding of their rooms at the assisted living facility, and what type of storage they will have available to them. This will ensure that they are parting with things that they absolutely must. Consider the layout of the new space and plan accordingly. Remember, it’s important not to have an overly crowded room, so your parents can easily and safely move around. 

Keep Important Documents Safe

Before you start moving and getting rid of items, tally up all important documents and keep them in a specific place that will not be disturbed or mistaken for something else. Paperwork like medical records, legal documents, financial records, and more, should be securely stored at all times during the move.

Hire Professionals Or Ask For Help

If you are able to, hiring professionals can help to alleviate the stress and provide expert guidance. Movers will be able to carry out the heavy lifting, and work through the logistics of how to get items to and from.

If you are unable to hire professionals, ask family or friends to help! Two hands are better than one, and having friends or family around to help you out can make the experience more positive and less overwhelming.

Keep Things Positive

We understand that most people have sentimental connections to their belongings, and getting rid of them can be emotionally challenging. Keep this in mind and try to make the experience as positive as possible and break it up as often as you can. This could be a great opportunity for your parents to share memories and stories with you and other family members. This can help to make the process more meaningful and less stressful!

Pack Efficiently

When packing, remember the items your parents need on a daily basis. Consider packing an essentials box or suitcase with toiletries, medications, and a few pairs of clothes. Be as organized as possible, pack similar items together, don’t overpack individual boxes or bins, and label as specifically as you can. You’ll thank yourself later when you, or your parents, are doing the unpacking in their new home!

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The transition to an Assisted Living Facility can be overwhelming for you and your parents. At Millview of Latham, we’re here to help every step of the way. To learn more about our Assisted Living Facility, visit our website or schedule a tour today! 


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